Plank: the benefits and how to perform the exercise perfectly

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The best exercise to strengthen in one go abs, arms, shoulders? Definitely the plank has excellent chances to run for number one. Adored by “fitness-freak” stars like Ellie Goulding, Melissa Satta, Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima, the plank is a static exercise (at least in its basic form), which plans to support your body weight on your forearms, stretching the legs and using the tips of the feet, forming a perfect straight line with the body.

Plank, in effect, translates as from English as board or plank, to remember the straight line from head to toe that you should get, keeping yourself in position and helping yourself with proper breathing.

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How to do the plank correctly: advice from the expert

Are you at your first time with the plank or do you have some doubts about which is the correct execution? As the personal trainer and online coach Matteo Piran, CrossFit Certified Trainer, “Begin by lying on your stomach on your stomach. At this point bend your elbows 90 degrees, aligning them perpendicularly to the shoulders or resting on your hands with your arms extended, keeping them perpendicular to the shoulders. Position yourself so that the body forms a straight line (from the head to the heels), maintaining head and neck in their natural position, with the gaze turned towards the ground, avoiding tension and strain in the cervical area. As for the legs, must remain always straight, with the feet resting on the ground, slightly apart ».

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In gallery you will find others advice of the Piran trainer, to incorporate the plank into your training (at whatever level of preparation you are) and for correct any errors. Nevermore without!

In the opening photo: Melissa Satta (@Instagram)

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