Platform Não Me Perturbe closes 2021 with almost 10 million registered numbers

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The Não Me Perturbe platform, which allows the blocking of cell phone calls from telemarketing companies and banks, ended 2021 with 9.55 million registered phone numbers.

The service, created by telecom operators, is part of the sector’s self-regulation measures to improve the relationship with consumers.

To register, the user just needs to access the website or look for the Procons spread across Brazil. After registering on the site, the number is blocked within 30 days.

Conexis Brasil Digital, a substitute for SindiTelebrasil, said that in 2021 alone there were more than 2 million phone and cell phone number registrations on the platform.

According to published data, the state of São Paulo concentrates most of the records, with 4.594 million numbers.

São Paulo also has the largest customer base in the country, with 71.8 million cell phones and 10.7 million landlines.

In second place on the Não Me Perturbe platform is the state of Minas Gerais, with 856 thousand numbers. Paraná, with 844 thousand, and Rio de Janeiro, with 587 thousand, complete the list.

The Federal District has the highest proportion of phones registered on the platform. There are 297 thousand registered numbers, which represents 5.8% of the fixed and mobile telephone base in the DF, according to Conexis.

“The platform is a commitment to the customer who does not want to receive telemarketing calls from these two sectors, so much so that in 2021 the telecom and banking sectors carried out a major campaign on social networks to increase the dissemination of Não Me Perturbe”, commented the president. executive of Conexis Brasil Digital, Marcos Ferrari.

Ferrari pointed out that the platform only works for calls from telecommunications companies and for offering payroll-deductible loans. Therefore, it does not block other types of connections, such as health plans or retail networks, for example.

Even so, the executive did not rule out the adhesion of other sectors to the platform.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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