PM accused of shooting jiu-jitsu world champion is arrested in SP

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The general delegate of the Civil Police of São Paulo, Osvaldo Nico Gonçalves, confirmed the arrest of military police officer Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo, this Sunday (7). He presented himself to the Military Police Internal Affairs and will be taken to the police station, where he will testify. He will then be sent to the Romão Gomes Prison, where he will serve a temporary prison term of 30 days and remain at the disposal of Justice.

Henrique took the shot at Leandro Lo, the jiu-jitsu world champion, last Saturday night (6), when he was leaving a show at Clube Sírio, in São Paulo.

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As reported by the police to CNN , Lo was reportedly teased in the middle of an argument. At first, the fighter knocked down the PM, who then left the scene and returned shooting.

In addition to firing the shots, Henrique Velozo also kicked the fighter twice, when the victim was already unconscious on the ground, and then left the scene. Lo was shot in the head and brain dead on Sunday morning (7).

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The case was registered as an attempted murder by the 16th DP (Vila Clementino), which investigates the facts through a police investigation, in addition to an administrative investigation to assess the policeman’s conduct.

Leandro Lo was 33 years old and, in addition to eight world championships, he was champion in the South American, World Cup and Pan-American, Brazilian and European championships.

*With information from Giulia Alecrim, Laura Slobodeicov, Maria Augusta Messias and João Pedro Malar

Source: CNN Brasil

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