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PM seizes seven war rifles and arrests six in operation in Baixada Fluminense

Seven war rifles were seized and six people were arrested by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday night (15), in Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense. Two grenades and a pistol were also seized from them.

According to information from the PM, agents from the 15th Military Police Battalion (BPM) of Duque de Caxias, with the support of teams from the 3rd Area Policing Command (CPA), carried out a sweep in Parque das Missões against organized crime, removing obstacles located on the region's roads.

According to the corporation, the suspects tried to resist arrest and there was a direct confrontation between them and the military. There is no information or record of injuries.

During the sweeping actions, the police found the six suspects, who were arrested, and seized six high-caliber rifles, in addition to the pistol and two grenades.

“The seventh rifle was seized in the Community of Rasta, in Saracuruna, also during actions to remove obstacles from the roads, also carried out by teams from the 15th BPM”, stated the Rio de Janeiro Military Police.

Teams from the Expressway Police Battalion (BPVE) continued in support and helped to stabilize the region. The incidents were presented in the 59th and 60th Police District.

(*Under the supervision of Carolina Figueiredo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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