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PM who killed unarmed young man on his birthday goes to popular jury in SP

Military police officer Guilherme Tadeu Figueiredo Giacomelli, from Ronda Ostensiva com Apoio de Motorcycles (Rocam) in São Paulo, will begin trial this Tuesday (5) for the death of young Rogério Ferreira da Silva Júnior, aged 19.

The young man, who was unarmed, was killed while riding a motorcycle on his 19th birthday, on August 9, 2020, in the Sacomã neighborhood, in the south of the capital.

The crime was recorded by security cameras that refuted the agents' initial version, which had stated that the victim died in a traffic accident. The images captured the moment when two military police officers approached Rogério to approach him, and one of them, PM Giacomelli, shot at the boy.

In a decision from May last year, the judge in the case scheduled the trial to take place this Tuesday (5) and Wednesday (6). The hearings begin at 1pm at the Barra Funda Criminal Forum, in the west of the city.

The police officer responds to the crime at liberty.

Remember the case

The young man was killed during an approach by the Military Police in São Paulo, on August 9, 2020, the date on which he turned 19 years old.

According to family information, Rogério Ferreira da Silva Júnior was celebrating the date in front of the house where he lived, in the Sacomã neighborhood, when he took a friend's motorcycle out for a ride.

When registering the incident, the agents stated that the victim had died in a traffic accident. However, images from security cameras captured the moment of the approach, showing that the military police approached Rogério to approach him, and one of them, PM Giacomelli, shot at the boy.

A CNN contacted the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) to find out the PM's current situation within the corporation, but there has been no response yet.

Source: CNN Brasil

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