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Podcast: The problem is the world, not the UN, says ambassador on Israel-Hamas war

In this episode, international correspondent Américo Martins reports the latest events in the war between Israel and Hamas directly from Ramallah, in the West Bank.

From New York, reporter Mariana Janjácomo looks back at the week at the UN Security Council, which continues the diplomatic effort to find a resolution to the conflict.

In an interview with the podcast, the ambassador and former Head of the Brazilian Delegation for Disarmament and Human Rights Affairs in Geneva, Marcos Azambuja, assesses that “the problem does not lie in the United Nations, but in global power, which is divided between powers who don’t understand each other.”

“The United Nations has an intact consultative power and has always been greatly hampered by the divisions of interests between the great powers”, analyzes the advisor at the Brazilian Center for International Relations. “What the UN does not have is the power to resolve the dispute between the interests of its great founding partners – when Russia, China, England, France and the United States do not agree, one of them has the power to paralyze the system .”

Presentation: Américo Martins and Camila Olivo
Production: Bruna Sales and Isabel Campos
Editing: Raphael Paco

Source: CNN Brasil

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