Poker with Oscar Isaac and survival in the escape room: what to watch in the movies from 23 September

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It doesn’t work out very well with hot blockbusters in mid-September, but viewers in cinemas will definitely not be bored. Oscar Isaac has just appeared in the image of Duke Leto Atreides, as he is in a hurry to transform into the most cold-blooded poker player in history in the movie “Cold Calculation”. Also, viewers will be able to see the Russian film that won the Grand Prix of the “Unusual Look” competition at the Cannes Film Festival, the continuation of the successful survival horror movie in the escape room, as well as an exclusive screening of the cartoon based on the My Little Pony universe.

“Cold calculation” (The Card Counter)

Cold Calculation is a thriller directed by old-school film master Paul Schroeder. The main character of the tape looks like a taxi driver Travis Bickle (it was Schroeder who wrote the script for the legendary film Scorsese), manic about his goal and tormented by inner demons. And I mention this comparison for a reason, because after the first screenings of “Cold Calculation” at the Venice Oscar Film Festival, Isaac began to be compared with Robert De Niro. With that said, the film may seem drawn-out or monotonous to a modern viewer accustomed to Marvel. However, connoisseurs of cinema cannot pass up the opportunity to watch “Cold Settlement” on the big screens.

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William Tell has recently been released from prison. It was there that he became interested in playing poker. During his ten years of imprisonment, Tell had a good idea of ​​how to count cards, catch the facial expressions of opponents and weigh his chances of winning a hand. Its natural tranquility also helps in the pursuit of a new dream – participation in the world poker tournament. However, one day Tell meets a guy who promises him retribution from those who put him behind bars. Of course, William is in no hurry to jeopardize a quiet life in the wild again, but he also cannot remain inactive in this situation. In addition to Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, Willem Dafoe and others also played in the film.

“Unclenching his fists”

The film “Unclenching his fists” is just the second work of Kira Kovalenko as a director and screenwriter. At the same time, the film won the Grand Prix of the “Special Look” author’s film competition at the Cannes Film Festival. This is undoubtedly a serious achievement both for Kovalenko and for Russian cinema. Naturally, like any author’s festival film, “Unclenching his fists” will be difficult for an unprepared viewer to watch. The tape has a minimum of silly dialogues and a maximum of emotions. Some critics even noted that despite the almost complete absence of external manifestations of aggression, it is in the air in every frame, and therefore the film resembles a thriller.

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After some tragic events, Zaur moved two sons and a daughter to the small North Ossetian mining town of Mizur, surrounded by rocks. Akim quickly realizes that such a life is not for him, and fled to Rostov. In addition, the father brings up the children very strictly, not knowing the boundaries between paternal care and overprotection. For example, Ada’s passport, who is now also making plans to escape, he keeps in a place inaccessible to her, and he takes her to work and from work to a local shop in his car. It turns out to be more difficult than it seemed, even with the help of a younger brother, to break open his father’s strong embrace in order to finally start an independent life.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

In early 2019, the horror film Claustrophobes was released. He did not bring something new to the genre, the story was quite banal (ordinary people were lured into the show, and the rich were betting on the survival of one of them), his estimates were average, but $ 155 million in fees with a budget of 9 – automatically gave the creators the green light to continue. And now the sequel, postponed several times due to the pandemic, from the same writers, producers and director, with the same main characters, and also, in fact, in the same setting, but with a budget of 15 million, reaches the audience. Have the creators been able to listen to criticism, fix bugs and dispose of the investment?

The survivors of the death show Zoe and Ben are trying to find those who tricked them into entertaining the rich who were betting on their survival in the escape room. However, instead of retribution, the continuation of the tests awaits them. The show’s creators are once again beating Zoe and Ben around their fingers along with four other winners from past races. They are placed in a new room, where quests become even more difficult, traps are more dangerous, the game is more ruthless, and the chances of survival this time tend to zero. Will one of the champions be able to repeat their success, and will the organization that arranges all this be able to go unpunished again?

«My Little Pony: Новое поколение» (My Little Pony: A New Generation)

Surely many parents immediately understood why this animated musical film is almost the best release of this week. As you might guess from the title, the tape will be based on toys from Husbro My Little Pony. The prefix “New Generation” is also not without reason here, because this franchise has already released several animated series and even full-length cartoons. However, they were all somehow connected with the fourth generation of toys and told about the same characters or their friends. This cartoon will show new characters from the fifth generation My Little Pony series of toys. Interestingly, in the world, “My Little Pony: The New Generation” is released only on Netflix, so Russian viewers will get an exclusive movie.

Once upon a time, earth ponies, pegasus and unicorns lived in peace and harmony. However, this time has passed. The action of the new cartoon takes place years after the events of the series “Friendship is a Miracle”. Magic left Equestria, and the Twilight Sparkle’s teachings of friendship and harmony were replaced by paranoia and distrust. Now all three types of ponies live in isolation from each other. a unicorn named Izzy Moonbow comes to the city of earth ponies. Everyone scatters in horror, but not the Sunny Stars Out. They immediately become best friends and embark on an incredible journey in search of opportunities to bring magic and unity back into the world.

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