Poland: Anti-German ruling party leader – ‘He is trying with peace what he failed with war’

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THE Jaroslav Kaczynski who is the chairman of its ruling conservative nationalist party Poland accused her Germany for “dominion” in Europe, stressing that Berlin today is trying to achieve through peace what it tried to achieve in the past through war.

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Kaczynski, considered the ruling right’s strongman and chief strategist and accustomed to attacking Germany and the European Union, delivered the speech in Legnica, south-west Poland, as part of his tour of the region ahead of of the parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn 2023.

Kaczynski said, according to Polish news agency PAP, that Europe’s strength lies in the strength of its countries and, to a large extent, in the strength of sovereign states.

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He denounced “the state of sovereignty, a state in which, by peaceful means, one of the European states, now the largest after Russia, is carrying out plans which it once wanted to carry out by military methods. This is a path that leads to crisis and unhappiness. Not only of Poland, but of Europe, and of this country, Germany,” Kaczynski said.

Alongside anti-German and Eurosceptic rhetoric, which the Polish opposition believes is at least partly linked to the election campaign, Polish authorities have recently mounted a diplomatic offensive to demand World War II reparations from Germany, which are estimated from Warsaw to 1.3 trillion euros.

According to Germany, Poland renounced its claims to war reparations in 1953 and has repeatedly confirmed this renunciation.

In this context, Poland rejected at the end of November Germany’s proposal to send it the Patriot anti-aircraft defense system, after the fatal fall of a missile on its territory. Warsaw suggested that Germany transfer this equipment to Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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