Poland doubles army on border with Belarus to block immigrants

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New troops are being deployed to block the entry of migrants inside Poland on the border with Belarus. There are now about 6,000 soldiers along the border as Warsaw strengthens security measures in the region due to the increase in irregular immigration as announced on Tuesday (19/10) by the Minister of Defense.

The deployment of new troops further increases the military presence on the Polish border. Just Saturday, the country’s defense minister, Mariusz Blazczak, said more than 3,000 troops were on Poland’s border with Belarus.

“Almost 6,000 soldiers serve on the Polish-Belarusian border”, Blazzak wrote on Twitter. “The soldiers are supporting the border guards by protecting the country’s borders and preventing illegal crossings,” he explained.

According to the border guard and as broadcast by the Athens News Agency, citing Reuters on Monday, 612 attempts were made to cross the Polish border illegally.

EU and Warsaw blame Belarus

The European Commission and Warsaw complain that the influx of irregularities immigrants orchestrates Belarus in order to put pressure on the EU, after Brussels imposed sanctions on Minsk. Belarus denies the allegations.

Poland has declared a state of emergency on the border with Belarus and plans to build a wall in the region.

In addition, the Polish parliament passed a bill which, according to human rights activists, aims to legalize the repatriation of migrants outside the country, violating Warsaw’s commitments under international law.

From the beginning of October until Sunday, there were about 9,600 attempts to cross the Polish border illegally.

A growing number of migrants are also reaching Germany, and Polish media have reported that the German police chief has asked the German Interior Minister to temporarily restore border controls with Poland to stem the flow of migrants.

Authorities in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, where most of the new migrants arrive, are calling for tougher action against the government of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

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