Poland: Immigrants gather at an outpost on the border with Belarus

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Crowds of migrants gathered at a closed outpost on the border between Poland and Belarus, according to video footage released by the border guards and the Polish army.

“More and more groups of migrants are being sent to the Kuznitsa border post by Belarusian forces,” the defense ministry said on Twitter. Videos appear to show hundreds of migrants confronting Polish police and soldiers.

According to Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Vasik, “thousands of migrants” are at this border crossing point. “Polish forces are prepared for any scenario,” he said.

The press service of the border guards reported that “illegal immigrants have been gathering at the border post since the morning” and “an attempt is being made to cross the border”.

Some migrants “have settled in the border” near the village of Bruzgi, according to the same source.

The videos could not be independently verified because Poland banned journalists from accessing the immediate border area due to the state of emergency imposed in the region.

Poland claims that 3,000 to 4,000 migrants, mostly from the Middle East, are camped along the border in this crisis facing Western countries on the one hand and Belarus and its ally Russia on the other.



Source From: Capital

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