Poland: Newspaper depicting Pope John Paul II with a doll nailed to his cross withdrawn

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The left-wing satirical weekly No withdrawn from sale at its post offices Poland and in the stores of the state oil giant Orlen, because of her cover. In it, the deceased Pole was depicted Pope John Paul II with one crossed doll nailed to the cross of his staff.

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The image published by Nie – a strongly anti-church and often deliberately provocative newspaper – came in response to new reports claiming that the former Pope demonstrated negligence in dealing with priests responsible for child sexual abuse.

“I have taken the decision to withdraw from all Orlen outlets the new edition of the weekly magazine NIE, the cover of which transcends all boundariesOrlen CEO Daniel Obitek said on Tuesday.

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In accordance with notesfrompoland.comon Monday, Nie herself had announced that Poczta Polska, the state-owned post office, had ordered the withdrawal of this week’s magazine from its stores. The next day, Pocza Polska confirmed the fact.

Nie’s reaction

Hello, censorshipNie wrote in response to her cards being withdrawn. The Press, a magazine covering the media industry, also suggested that withdrawing a particular title from sale in this way could violates the Polish Press Act.

Nie herself, however, sticking to it her satirical spirittweeted that he was awarding Orlen CEO Daniel Obaitek with the Person of the Year award for providing “the best advertisement of our newspaper since its inception».

Source: News Beast

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