Poland v EU: Union laws undermine our national sovereignty

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Its Constitutional Court Poland ruled on Thursday that some articles of its Treaties The European Union are incompatible with the country’s Constitution and undermine its national sovereignty.

“The European institutions are acting beyond their jurisdiction,” she said Julia Prilebska, the President of the Court, citing a number of articles of the Treaties which, according to the judges, are on the contrary with the Polish Constitution.

He also denounced “his intervention Court of Justice of the European Union in the Polish judicial system “.

According to Reuters and AFP, the Conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS) government has been involved in series of disputes with Brussels on a wide range of issues, from judicial reform and freedom of the press to gay rights.

The case before the Supreme Court concerned the changes promoted by PiS in judicial system of Poland.

“The primacy of the constitutional law over other legislative sources derives directly from the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. “Today (once again) this has been clearly confirmed by the Constitutional Court,” the government spokesman said via Twitter. Peter Mueller.

Contrary to the above, critics of the government warn that questioning the primacy of European legislation does not only endanger Poland’s future in the EU. but also the stability of the Union.

Reaction of the Commission

The European Commission has been “concerned” by the decision of the Polish Supreme Court, which ruled that certain articles of the EU Treaties are incompatible with the Polish Constitution and “will use all the tools at its disposal” to protect the primacy of the European Union. law, said the Commissioner Didier Raiders.

The Belgian official clarified, according to the APE BPE, that he has not yet read the details of this decision. He added, however, that the primacy of European law over national law and the binding nature of European justice decisions are “in the heart of the Union».

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