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Poland willing to send F-16s to Ukraine along with other NATO member states

THE Poland is willing to send fighter jets F-16 in Ukraine if there is consent to NATOstates the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in his interview published today (2/2).

“If a decision was made by all (of the member states) of NATO, I would be favorably disposed to the mission of these chasers”emphasizes Mr. Morawiecki in the interview he gave to the German tabloid Bild.

What Warsaw does will depend on what “NATO member countries decide together”, he insists, stressing the need for “collective reflection” by the alliance to decide.

Last week, Western countries raised the bar on military aid to Ukraine, as Germany and the US announced after months of negotiations that they would finally send heavy tanks.

But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is demanding even more military aid, from long-range missiles to fighter jets.

On Monday (1/30), US President Joe Biden categorically rejected sending US F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, but other Western governments have said they are ready to provide aircraft, including Slovakia, which has Soviet-designed MiG-29s, as and the Netherlands, which has begun replacing its F-16 fleet with F-35s.

“Germany has the potential to provide much more support than it has done so far. He has the ability to promote decisions within the European Union, he has the money, he has diplomatic influence”warns the Polish prime minister.

Borrell does not consider it unlikely that the US and Germany will change their stance

The head of European diplomacy Joseph Borel said he would not be surprised if the US and Germany ended up reversing their positions on the delivery of fighter jets to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The delivery of heavy tanks to Kyiv was also initially controversial, Mr Borrell reminded reporters in Brussels ahead of an EU-Ukraine summit in Kyiv on Friday.

But a deal was struck and this “red line” was crossed, he continued. All arms deliveries to Ukraine are accompanied by warnings about the risk of further escalation of the conflict, he added.

The High Representative avoided taking a position on the issue when asked if he was in favor of sending fighters. “My job is to try to build consensus, and one of the best ways to do that is to not take positions that could jeopardize that.”Mr Borrell explained.

Source: News Beast

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