Poland: Withholding of EU funds poses risks to climate targets

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Its prime minister Poland warned Brussels on Monday (1/11) that the cessation of European funding in Warsaw could jeopardize the achievement of climate targets, amid the escalation of a recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court that violates the principle of the supremacy of European law over national law.

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The Commission has asked Poland to undo the controversial reform of the judiciary which, he argues, increases policy control over the courts in order to 36 billion euros, resources intended for recovery after the pandemic, as transmitted by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

The Court of Justice of the EU, in fact, recently ordered Poland to pay 1 million euro per day because he did not carry out his previous order.

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Warsaw, for its part, characterizes “blackmail»The demand of Brussels.

Speaking to Polish media on the sidelines of the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned that withholding funds from the EU could jeopardize its energy transformation.

“In order for Poland to be able to participate in a comparable way with other countries in achieving ambitious climate goals, we must be given the appropriate funds“, Said Morawiecki.

“There can be no blackmail from other aspects of European politics, because any attempt to deprive capital – will mean that political blackmail from Brussels dominates achieving the climate goals “.

It is pointed out that the coal industry provides about 70% of the country’s energy.

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