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Police arrest fugitives suspected of R$ 725 million scam against elderly woman in RJ

The Civil Police arrested the last two suspects in a scam worth more than R$700 million in an elderly woman in Rio de Janeiro. The false psychic Diana Rosa Stanesco and her father, Slavko Vuletic, were found this Tuesday (16), in Saquarema, a city in the Rio de Janeiro Lakes Region.

The coup came to light last Wednesday (10), when the victim’s daughter, Sabine Bochici, and three other people from a family were arrested, all suspected of the crime. Diana and Slavko are also members of this family.

Sabine would have engineered the scheme against the 82-year-old mother, widow of art collector and dealer Jean Boghici. The Civil Police points out that the R$ 725 million takes into account works of art valued at R$ 710 million, jewelry worth R$ 6 million and R$ 9 million in bank payments.

According to investigators, the coup began in 2020, when the victim was approached while leaving a bank branch in Copacabana, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. A woman who introduced herself as a clairvoyant said that the old woman’s daughter would be sick and would die soon.

The elderly woman, whose daughter would face psychological problems since adolescence, was convinced to make the requested payments for the spiritual treatment proposed by the seer.

According to the Civil Police, between January 22 and February 5, 2020, eight bank transfers were made that exceeded R$ 5 million.

A few days after the start of the false treatment, the daughter began to isolate her mother from people she was regularly acquainted with. The woman also dismissed employees who provided domestic services at the elderly woman’s home.

The scenario contributed to a series of mistrust and suspension of payment of amounts. It was after this decision that the elderly woman began to be attacked and threatened, according to investigations. The only visits to the residence were made by acquaintances of the daughter, involved in the crime. They also began to threaten her. The extortion turned into further bank transfers by the victim.

In addition to cash and jewelry, the gang stole more than R$700 million worth of paintings by artists such as Tarsila do Amaral and Di Cavalcanti. In all, there were 16 works. Three of them, valued at more than R$300 million, were recovered in an art gallery in São Paulo.

The owner of the establishment confirmed that he sold two more to the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires. The Civil Police is trying to repatriate the works.

Last Friday, Judge Ariadne Villela Lopes, from the Central de Custódia de Benfica, maintained the temporary arrest of Sabine Boghici and the other three suspects: Rosa Stanesco Nicolau and Jacqueline Stanesco Gouveia, who also presented themselves as false seers, and the Rosa’s son, Gabriel Nicolau Traslavina Hafliger.

THE CNN could not contact the defense of the suspects.

Source: CNN Brasil

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