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Police arrest members of gang specializing in home robberies in ABC Paulista

Four members of a home robbery gang were arrested by the Military Police in the city of Diadema, metropolitan region of São Paulo, in the early hours of Saturday (15). Images found on the suspects’ cell phones show them displaying the victims’ belongings.

The PM reported that it was called 190 by the victim, a man who had been held in prison for around 1 and a half hours. According to police officers from the 6th Special Police Actions Battalion (BAEP), the gang carried out prior monitoring of the victim before invading the residence.

The group tied up the victim before taking belongings and the car, valued at R$80,000. The police estimate that, with the stolen belongings, the victim’s loss would be at least R$100,000. An image found on one of the suspects’ cell phones shows the man tied up and one of the suspects’ hands pointing a gun at him.

The police also found a video where two members of the gang appear to be carrying a gun inside the victim’s car. “Oh, how are the ‘menó’”, says the suspect who makes the recording while pointing at his partner’s gun.

Next, the driver of the vehicle says: “Do you think it’s a lie?”, and opens the barrel of the gun to show the bullets. The video ends with one of the suspects saying: “Without showing your face, go.”

Persecution and arrest

The suspects were arrested after a chase that began on Avenida Pery Ronchetti, in São Bernardo do Campo, and ended in the Vila São Pedro Community. During the monitoring, two women threw themselves from the vehicle the gang was in, in an attempt to escape, according to the PM.

One of the suspects suffered bruises and tried to hide inside a house, but ended up arrested. The second suspect was also detained.

The arrest of the other two members of the group, aged 17 and 18, took place seven hours after the chase. According to police, the pair managed to escape and went to one of their homes. The searches continued until the suspects were located and arrested.

According to the police, the gang had carried out another robbery, this time at a farm in the São Bernardo do Campo region, a few days ago.

The suspects were taken to the 1st Police District of São Bernardo do Campo, where the incident was recorded.

(*Under supervision of Marcos Guedes)

Source: CNN Brasil

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