Police do not rule out the possibility of “terrorist act” in the attack in the city of Kongsberg

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The local police of the city gave a press conference Kongsberg in Norway at 23:00 Greek time and according to what he announced can not rule out that the attack of a man who with a bow and arrow killed many people and injured many more in the city, in the southeast Norway, was a terrorist act.

“Given the unfolding events, it is natural to investigate whether this is a terrorist attack,” the local police chief told a news conference. David Aas.

“The man who was arrested has not been questioned and it is too early to comment on his motives,” he said. “According to our information, he is the only one involved.”

The police did not report the number of victims, nor the state of health of the injured. However, the information of the families and the care of the injured are important. “The perpetrator acted in a large part of the city,” he said Άας and continued: “there are many wounded and dead”.

The public broadcaster NRK, citing sources, spoke of at least 4 dead in the attacks.

The suspect was taken to the police station in his nearby town Δράμεν and the police were not looking for anyone else. THE Minister of Justice of Norway, Monica Mayland, stressed that he was closely following the developments.

Authorities have not released details of the man arrested. According to Norwegian media, however, the alleged perpetrator is Rainer Winklarson, who in fact had announced his act in advance by uploading a video a few days ago on Youtube demonstrating his archery skills.

Here is the video presented by the Norwegian media:

And this is the photo of the alleged perpetrator:

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