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Police indict two suspects of killing and hiding body of Jeff Machado

The Rio de Janeiro Whereabouts Discovery Police Station (DDPA) indicted two people suspected of killing and hiding the body of actor Jeff Machado, in January of this year.

One of the suspects is Bruno Rodrigues, artistic producer and friend of the actor. According to the investigations, Bruno sublet the property where the body was found and moved around R$ 5,000 in Jeff Machado’s account after the disappearance was registered at the police station.

In addition to Bruno, the police indicted Jeander Vinicius da Silva, who was also close to the victim. During testimony, Jeander confessed that he hid the actor’s body, but denied the murder.

According to the investigations, Bruno and Jeander aimed to obtain economic advantages from the victim, such as the sale of the property and the car.

Investigations continue and the police do not rule out that Jeff Machado was the victim of an ambush, after a false promise of employment at a TV station.

Bruno and Jeander were indicted for triple murder and concealment of a corpse. The Civil Police also asked for the arrest of both. The inquiry was forwarded to the Public Ministry of Rio. A CNN It has already asked the agency for a position and is awaiting a response.

This Thursday (1st), at a press conference, lawyers João Maia and Pedro Moutinho, who represent Bruno Rodrigues, said that the defense collaborates with the police investigations and that it was Bruno who indicated where the actor’s body was hidden. .

According to the lawyers, Bruno, Jeander Vinícius and a third person, called Marcelo, would have gone to the actor’s house, on January 23, to record an intimate video. After the recording, Bruno would have left the room and, when he returned, he found Jeff dead.

Police indict two suspects of killing and hiding body of Jeff Machado

According to the defense, the actor was killed by Marcelo and then the body was placed in a trunk and transported in the victim’s car to the house in Campo Grande, in the West Zone of Rio.

According to the lawyers, Marcelo would be involved with the militia and would have made several threats to Bruno.

About the amount moved in Jeff Machado’s account, the lawyer claims that the money was used to buy food for the actor’s dogs.

For the Whereabouts Discovery Police Station, the involvement of a third person in the crime was invented by Bruno and Jeander to clear the two of the murder charge.

A CNN could not find the defense of Jeander Vinicius and awaits a position from the defense of Jeff Machado’s family.

the case

Actor Jeff Machado, 44, was found dead and buried in a trunk under two meters of concrete, in the backyard of a house in Campo Grande, in the West Zone of Rio, on Monday (22). He had his arms tied above his head and neck injuries.

He had been missing since January. At the time, he played a philistine soldier in the soap opera Reis, shown since March 2022 on Record TV.

Source: CNN Brasil

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