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Police investigate case of influencers who delivered bananas and stuffed monkeys to black children; MP receives almost 700 complaints

After the circulation on social networks of a video in which influencers deliver a banana and a stuffed monkey to black children, the Public Ministry received almost 700 complaints. In a note, the MP stated that the data were forwarded to the 2nd Public Prosecutor’s Office for Specialized Criminal Investigation of the Capital, for analysis and adoption of the appropriate measures.

The Police Station for Racial Crimes and Intolerance Crimes (Decradi) initiated a procedure and the Civil Police are investigating the case. According to the police, the videos will be analyzed and investigations are underway to identify those involved.

The episode surfaced on Tuesday (30), after the release of the video in which the influencer Kerollen appears next to two black children and asks them if they prefer to receive a banknote or a closed and packaged gift. Children choose by gifts, being a banana and a stuffed monkey. In the scenes, while the boy is visibly uncomfortable with the banana, the girl accepts the plush.

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The images were published by lawyer Fayda Belo on social networks. The lawyer specializing in anti-discrimination law claims that the video reproduces an act of recreational racism.

“To ridicule two black children, to incite this perverse discrimination that takes away our status as a person and animalizes us. As if it were a joke, but it’s not a joke, the name of it is recreational racism, using discrimination against black people for the purpose of fun, relaxation, recreation is now a crime, angel. You can receive a sentence of up to eight years in jail, which I hope will happen”, says Fayda.

Influencers Kerollen and Nancy are mother and daughter, who share content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, gathering more than 13 million followers. The video mentioned by the lawyer, which circulates on the networks, is no longer available on the channels.

A CNN contacted the influencers and is waiting for a response.

Source: CNN Brasil

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