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Police investigate death of volunteer doctor in shelter in RS

The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul began an investigation into volunteer doctor Leandro Medice, aged 41, who died in the early hours of this Monday (13), in a shelter in the city of São Leopoldo. Agents are awaiting the results of the autopsy report to eliminate suspicion of homicide.

Delegate Mariana Studart, from the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) of São Leopoldo, responsible for the investigation, told CNN that there were no signs of violence apparent on the man's body or in the place where he was found, according to an expert witness at the scene. “In principle, there was no crime, but we are awaiting the report and all appropriate police measures have been and are being taken,” he says.

The doctor left the city of Vila Velha, in Espírito Santo, last Sunday (12), to help victims of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, and supposedly died of a sudden death.

Who was Leandro

Leandro Medice Passos Costa was born on August 18, 1982. In addition to medicine, he also had a degree in physiotherapy. In fact, he worked in this area before starting his career as a doctor.

According to João Paulo Martins, the doctor's husband, Leandro started medical school right after graduating in physiotherapy. “His passion has always been medicine,” he says. Then, he adds, he specialized in cardiology.

Leandro has already worked in ICUs and was part of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) team. Currently, he worked focused on hair transplants, including participating in events on this topic as a speaker.

“After the pandemic, he suffered a lot. We had losses in our family and he was already trying to change areas. He completed a postgraduate degree in aesthetics and hair transplantation. And today he was a reference in hair transplantation in Espírito Santo. We began to receive patients from other states and other countries, who trusted his work and the welcoming atmosphere that we managed to create in our clinic”, commented João Paulo.

On a page dedicated to evaluations of medical professionals, Leandro collected praise. “I thought I would feel a lot of pain, but Dr. Leandro, with his psychological and technical preparation, demystified all these feelings, making me feel really good during the procedure. And the result was better than expected”, wrote one patient.

“Attentive, enlightening and ethical doctor! He was very thorough in his explanations during the service”, reported another.

Leandro and João Paulo had been together since 2018. “We would have been married for six years this year. Our leisure was always traveling. Whenever we had a free weekend, we would hit the road and go somewhere to discover and make our history”, remembers her husband.

“We were united 24 hours a day. We lived together, we worked together and our leisure time was always a lot of fun when it was just me and him,” she adds.
The couple had a trip planned to Cancun, Mexico, where they would go, in August, to celebrate Leandro's birthday.

“Our patients are devastated. His friends and family, who he always prioritized, are all devastated by this sad news that took everyone by surprise, as he doesn't have any health problems”, comments João Paulo. “He was a person very loved by everyone. He was honest and always very helpful, he didn’t know how to say no to people,” he adds.

(*With information from Fábio Munhoz)

Source: CNN Brasil

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