Police investigate UFABC student who wore sweatshirt with Nazi symbol

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Civil Police are investigating a student at the Federal University of ABC (UFABC) who was seen wearing a sweatshirt with a Nazi symbol last Thursday (3).

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP), a 21-year-old man was seen wearing the suit around 12:00 this Thursday, in the Bangu neighborhood, in Santo André, in Greater São Paulo.

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After a protest from other students present, he was taken to the police station, where he testified and denied having knowledge that the symbol would refer to Nazism.

Police seized the student’s cell phone and sweatshirt. “The case was registered as object location/seizure and steps are in progress for the complete elucidation of the facts”, informed the SSP.

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By means of a note, UFABC stated that the Rectory formalized a report on what happened to the Ombudsman and the student Disciplinary Commission, “which are the internal bodies responsible for investigating and taking possible measures regarding the case”.

the case

According to the university, this Thursday (3), a group of students identified the presence of a student on the Santo André campus wearing a sweatshirt with a Nazi symbol print.

UFABC claims that, immediately after becoming aware of the case, university officials went to the site “in order to guarantee the physical integrity of all people circulating in the environment and to ascertain the first information”.

“Upon being identified, the student was called for a conversation with these leaders, which was also accompanied by two representatives of student entities who were on site. At the time of the conversation, the student apologized for what had happened and removed the garment that carried the Nazi symbol”, reported the UFABC.

“Afterwards, the aforementioned student, accompanied by the head of office of the Rectory and the head of community security at UFABC, went to meet the other students and reinforced his apology. At the same time that students and representatives of the UFABC governing body were talking about the situation, the Rectory learned that the case had been reported to the police. The police authorities took the student to the police station for clarification.

The UFABC highlighted that it repudiates the apology for Nazi symbols, which “are criminal and unacceptable”, and is “permanently attentive to taking appropriate legal measures”.

“The University also emphasizes that the institutional and pedagogical purposes that support its existence are, daily, at the service of building a critical, democratic, inclusive society, supported by science, that prioritizes the collectivity and that is always aligned with practices aimed at to the common good”, concludes the statement.

Source: CNN Brasil

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