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Police investigate whether metal pipe caused damage to line-9 Esmeralda of the SP train

The Civil Police are investigating whether the electrical failure presented on Tuesday (3) by line 9-Esmeralda of the São Paulo train, operated by ViaMobilidade, was caused by a metal tube.

Privatized and under the responsibility of the ViaMobilidade concessionaire, line 9 did not stop due to the metro and railway workers’ strike.

In a note sent to CNN the State Secretariat for Public Security Affairs (SSP) reported that an employee had reported that the maintenance team also found “large stones foreign to the system” and “open protection railings”.

An investigation was launched to investigate the facts, as reported by the SSP. The Civil Police also called in forensics, analyzed the images and will listen to witnesses to understand what happened.

Due to the maintenance necessary to correct the fault, circulation on line 9-Esmeralda will take place via a single track between the Morumbi and Cidade Universitária stations this Wednesday (4). In a statement, ViaMobilidade reported that 70 buses from the PAESE operation serve the stretch to meet demand.

Check out the list of stations affected by the problem below:

  • Morumbi
  • Berrini
  • Vila Olimpia
  • Garden City
  • Hebraica-Rebouças
  • Pine trees
  • University City

Strike on the Metro and CPTM suspended

The São Paulo Metro Workers Union decided, after a meeting on Tuesday night, to end the strike as of midnight this Wednesday. The vote was unified with the Railway Workers Union.

There were 2,952 votes from members in total, with 2,391 people opting to end the strike and 587 to continue. Another 34 employees abstained.

The majority of the category (1,161 people) voted not to have an assembly or strike next week, which was accepted by the union.

Earlier, Sabesp employees also decided to end the strike.

With the strike, the day for those in the capital of São Paulo and the metropolitan region was one of chaos in terms of travel.

Traffic in the city of São Paulo reached 767 kilometers of slowness at night. Only four rail transport lines operated normally. Two CPTM lines were opened later throughout the day.

Studies on privatization will continue

The governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), stated, this Tuesday morning, that studies for the privatization of the three companies will continue. “We will continue studying privatizations (Metrô and CPTM) and Sabesp’s is more advanced, with consultation with city halls and the TCM”, he highlighted.

For Tarcísio, the strike was politically motivated, citing that the union leadership is made up of parties that “do not dialogue” with the population, so much so that they did not comply with the judicial agreement for the basic maintenance of services in the Metro and CPTM. “Next year there is a (municipal) election and the unions are already planning other strikes, it is an abuse”, he stressed.

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With information from Léo Lopes

Source: CNN Brasil

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