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Police officer arrested in DF with emeralds after shooting at reserve police car

Corporal Wilson Viana da Silva, 41 years old, from the Goiás Military Police, was arrested by the Federal District Police (PMDF) in the early hours of this Monday (4) after shooting at the car of a reserve police officer. The case took place in Águas Claras, a region administered by the Federal District.

A PMDF team was monitoring residential blocks in the region, when it was approached by the corporation's reserve soldier Marino Agostinho Ramos, aged 57, who reported that his car, a black Toyota SW4, had been shot.

In a statement, the Federal District Police stated that they “responded to an incident of a firearm being fired, and that a police officer requested support from the 17th BPM police team, as his vehicle had been shot at by an individual.”

The victim reported that the driver of a white Volkswagen Polo had fired shots and, shortly afterwards, entered a residential condominium.

The team then went to the address and confirmed that the Polo driver had just driven the car into the condominium. Furthermore, it was also discovered that he was a military police officer.

The PMs tried to contact the suspect, but without success, they called the Special Operations Battalion (Bope), to start Operation Manager – for crisis management, as in cases involving hostages, for example.

According to the PM, “at around 3 am, BOPE carried out the tactical entry and containment of the individual”

According to the Fire Department, the resident was in a psychotic episode.

When approached, there was no resistance and the man ended up arrested. During the search of his property, military police officers found two firearms, a large amount of ammunition and several precious stones, such as two lots of emeralds.

The suspect was taken to the 21st Police Station and the case is being investigated by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF).

*Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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