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Police officers are being investigated for the execution of eight people in the interior of Bahia

Operation Occult Blood, launched this Friday (7), investigates the deaths of eight people during a police raid carried out in July 2023 in the Municipality of Itatim, which is 214 km from Salvador. According to the Public Ministry of Bahia, there is strong evidence that the victims were executed, and there is even an indication that the crime scene had been altered by military police officers.

In this action, two women and six men died, three of whom were teenagers, the youngest being 13 years old. The Court ordered the removal of the PMs under investigation.

Also according to the MP-BA, the case was treated as a police approach with an alleged confrontation and exchange of gunfire between the victims and the police officers involved, but the technical and expert evidence collected during the investigation revealed the real circumstances of the incident.

During the execution of 12 search and seizure warrants, cell phones, documents and weapons were seized in Salvador, Feira de Santana, Itaberaba, Iaçu and Castro Alves. The analysis of the seized material will contribute to the investigation and accountability of military police officers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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