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Police officers found a Brazilian fugitive in the USA lying on the grass on top of a stolen gun

Police teams from the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States, found the Brazilian fugitive, Danilo Cavalcante, lying in tall grass. He appeared to be sleeping on top of a rifle stolen from a local resident.

He was captured around 8 am local time (9 am Brasília time) this Wednesday (13). Cavalcante had been on the run since August 31 and was considered “extremely dangerous”.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro said the arrest was carried out “without gunfire.” Police officers found the fugitive with the help of cameras that capture heat signals, and this morning police tactical forces approached him.

“Cavalcante didn’t realize he was surrounded until this happened,” said Lt. Col. George Bivens. “That didn’t stop him from trying to escape.”

According to Bivens, he began crawling through the undergrowth, taking his rifle with him.

The U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, Customs and Border Patrol teams released a dog, which subdued Cavalcante, as officers advanced.

Shortly after his capture, Danilo had his shirt torn by the police. Understand why.

During the 14-day search, schools were closed and residents were put on alert as police searched for the 34-year-old man in an area about 20 miles north of the Pennsylvania prison he escaped from.

Authorities even offered a reward of US$25,000 for information leading to his capture.

On Sunday (10), the police released new security camera images of Danilo and reported that he had a “new look”, shaved and wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and white shoes.

On Monday night, Pennsylvania State Police received a call from a resident reporting that a man matching Cavalcante’s description broke into his home and stole a .22 caliber rifle from his garage.

The resident also said he pulled out a pistol and began shooting at the intruder, but police said they had “no reason to believe” he was hit or injured.

Remember the case

Police officers found a Brazilian fugitive in the USA lying on the grass on top of a stolen gun

Danilo Cavalcante, 34, escaped from prison in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, United States, on August 31st. He climbed between two walls that formed a narrow corridor in the jail yard and climbed to the roof.

The Brazilian had been sentenced to life in prison without parole on August 16 for stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend in 2021.

The local government issued a statement reporting the escape, which had occurred during the morning shift and that Cavalcante was wearing gray shorts, a shirt and white sneakers.

Authorities offered a reward of US$10,000 (R$49,500) for information leading to the fugitive. The value was later updated to US$20 thousand (R$99.5 thousand).

In Brazil, he is also wanted for a 2017 homicide, which is why he fled the country, according to Robert Clark, deputy supervisor of the US Marshals Service.

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*Published by Fernanda Pinotti, with information from CNN Internacional

Source: CNN Brasil

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