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Police operation arrests 25 suspects involved in corruption in the Minas Gerais prison system

Operation Tabernus, launched this Tuesday morning (11), with a focus on repressing corruption and organized crime in the Minas Gerais prison system, resulted in the arrest of 25 people, 14 of which are public agents.

According to investigations, they acted as a criminal network that facilitated the entry of drugs, communication equipment and illicit objects into the Juiz de Fora Penitentiary Complex, in Zona da Mata Mineira. These objects were sold inside prisons for prices well above those charged by the market.

Among the 14 public agents detained are ten criminal police officers, three Sejusp administrative employees and also a sergeant from the Brazilian Army. Another six public servants who did not have arrest warrants issued by the courts were precautionarily removed from their positions.

“This operation praises the work of the good professionals in the Minas Gerais prison system, who are the majority. It demonstrates how the Government of Minas Gerais and the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security seek to combat, incessantly, corruption and crime”, highlighted the general director of the Penitentiary Department of Minas Gerais, Leonardo Badaró.

Investigations into criminal practice within Minas Gerais prisons began more than a year ago within the Secretariat of Justice and Public Security itself, with the support of Gaeco/JF,

They pointed out the practice of active and passive corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering within prison units, with the coordination of public security agents, administrative employees of prison units, drug traffickers, prisoners and people with family and social ties to the group.

Those arrested will be charged with crimes such as drug trafficking, passive corruption, active corruption, criminal organization and money laundering.

27 arrest warrants and 36 search and seizure warrants and vehicle hijacking and blocking warrants worth more than R$13 million were executed.

More than 300 police officers participated in the operation, including military, civil, criminal and federal highway police, as well as employees from the Sectoral Controllership of the Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security (SEJUSP).

The action was coordinated by the Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security (SEJUSP), through the Central Intelligence Agency and the Penitentiary Department of Minas Gerais (Depen-MG) and by the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime of Juiz de Fora (Gaeco/JF) with the participation of employees from Gaeco-RJ, the Intelligence Coordination of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, and support from Gaeco in the Minas Gerais city of Visconde do Rio Branco.

Source: CNN Brasil

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