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Police seize 50 cars during action to combat money laundering in SP

Police officers from the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) seized 50 vehicles this Thursday (16) during an operation to combat money laundering using the automobile trade.

The so-called Car Wash operation was launched by police officers from the 3rd Divecar Police Station (Investigations into Violation of Electronic Devices and Data Network) in the city of São Paulo and in the municipalities of Guarulhos and Suzano, in Greater São Paulo, and Mogi Mirim, in the interior.

According to Deic, the investigation into the irregularities began with a suspicion of reception, when the team seized a GM Camaro. During the surveys, inconsistencies were found in the information regarding the ownership of the sports car.

The investigations resulted in five search and seizure warrants and the 50 vehicles were seized in three buying and selling stores.

In a note, Deic stated that irregularities in the consignment contracts were also found in the documentation collected. Two operators of the scheme were indicted for criminal association and money laundering.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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