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Police seize sword and jewelry from family home of suspect of robbing Bruna Biancardi’s family

A sword, jewelry, medals and at least one cell phone were seized by the Civil Police at the addresses of an aunt and brother of one of the fugitive suspects from the robbery at the home of Bruna Biancardi’s parents, which occurred on Tuesday (7) in Cotia , in Greater São Paulo.

The seized materials were found during searches carried out hours after the crime and should be presented to the victims in the coming days for possible recognition.

A CNN spoke with people linked to the family of the suspect already identified as Pedro, who is 19 years old. They preferred to have their identity preserved, but said that the sword had already been with the suspect for some time. When asked about the origin of the material, they were unable to explain.

Regarding the jewelry, one of the people even stated that there were some items in that bag that “even she didn’t want” and that other objects were used by her.

The seized cell phone belongs to Pedro’s aunt. She would have done research on jewelry values ​​on the device and this caught the attention of investigators, who will scan the equipment.

The only suspect arrested so far, Eduardo Vasconcelos, 19 years old, underwent a custody hearing this Wednesday (8). He had his arrest converted into preventative arrest and until the publication of the report he had not been transferred to a Provisional Detention Center.

The investigation is looking for clues that lead to Pedro and the other suspect, identified as European, who remain at large.

In a press conference held yesterday afternoon (7), delegate Monica Gamboa, responsible for the case, reinforced that she must summon Bruna Biancardi to provide clarification and eventually recognize the jewelry, but that she is respecting the influencer’s moment, which is in a period of puerperium.

Source: CNN Brasil

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