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Police summon residents of Copacabana who organize hunt for robbers

The Rio Civil Police began to summon residents of Copacabana, in the south zone, who are organizing, through social media, an operation to combat robbers operating in the neighborhood.

According to the corporation, the 12th DP (Copacabana) investigates the formation of the groups. Some members have already been identified and are expected to testify in the coming days. The police station continues to take steps to identify others involved. The Police mainly work by monitoring social media.

One of those summoned was William Correia, who recorded a video and published it on the internet calling on other residents to take to the streets to confront the criminals.

“So, Copacabana boys, what will it be? Are we going to let the guys do what they want here in our neighborhood? Where are our guys from 2015 who sent these guys running? And there? Are you going to hope to be our father, our grandfather, your father, someone from your family? Take a punch in the face and leave it at that, no one does anything? Police can’t do anything, they arrest and release,” she stated in part.

A CNN has contacted William and is awaiting a response on the matter.

Robber who attacked elderly man identified

This Wednesday (6), agents from the 13th DP (Ipanema) identified the man who attacked an elderly man with a punch, on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, last Saturday (2). Trader Marcelo Benchimol, 67 years old, was unconscious after the attack and had his belongings stolen. The case was the trigger that motivated the creation of the group that is being called “Justiceiros da Zona Sul”.

According to the Police, the man who was arrested has nine criminal records for robbery, theft and drug trafficking for acts carried out since he was a teenager. He has also been arrested twice since coming of age.

PM announced strategies to reinforce security in the neighborhood

The Military Police announced that it will improve security actions in Copacabana. One of the main measures will be the installation of a security corridor. The corporation’s vehicles will be distributed from 6pm to 11pm along Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, one of the main roads in the neighborhood. After 11pm, the vehicle corridor will be repositioned along Avenida Atlântica, on the Copacabana waterfront. The intention is to improve the safety of residents and tourists who frequent the boardwalk and kiosks.

Source: CNN Brasil

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