Police will investigate if there was action by third parties for rock fall in Capitol

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The delegate of the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG) Marcos Pimenta, responsible for the investigation into the accident in Capitólio on January 8, said, this Friday (14), that it will be investigated if there was any action by third parties for the collapse of the rock. which left ten dead.

“The plates naturally fall, what we are going to investigate is whether or not there was third-party action to accelerate this fall. If there is an individual, someone responsible, they will be indicted and the investigation forwarded to the Public Ministry”, said Pimenta.

According to the delegate, geologists have already been contacted to carry out analyzes and prevent the fall of more blocks. He says that between 30 and 40 days the report can be finalized. Seventeen people involved in the case have been heard so far, including people with minor injuries and witnesses.

All victims of the accident have now been identified. Pimenta explains that they were on the same vessel named “Jesus”, which was completely destroyed.

Two other boats that were nearby sank. They should be removed this Friday by people with authorization from the Brazilian Navy.

Check out who were the victims of the accident:

  • Júlio Borges Antunes (68), born in Alpinópolis (MG);
  • Camila Silva Machado (18), born in Paulínia (SP);
  • Mykon Douglas of Osti (24), a native of Campinas (SP);
  • Sebastião Teixeira da Silva (64), born in Anhumas (SP);
  • Marlene Augusta Teixeira da Silva (57), born in Itaú de Minas (MG);
  • Geovany Gabriel Oliveira da Silva (14), born in Alfenas/MG;
  • Geovany Teixeira da Silva (38), born in Itaú de Minas/MG;
  • Tiago Teixeira da Silva Nascimento (35), born in Passos/MG;
  • Rodrigo Alves dos Anjos (40), born in Betim/MG;
  • Carmem Pinheiro da Silva (43), born in Cajamar (SP).

See images of the collapse in Capitol Hill

Reference: CNN Brasil

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