Political Crisis in Peru: Swearing in of Acting President Dina Boluarte in Congress

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60-year-old Dina Boluarte was sworn in a few minutes ago as the president of Peru after the overthrow of Pedro Castillo after a relevant vote in Congress. She is the first woman to assume the presidency of the Andean country.

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After the televised sermon, in which the Castillo called for the dissolution of Congress and the imposition of martial law “emergency”, the deputies proceeded with abbreviated procedures to the scheduled vote on the question of impeachment of the president. Out of a total of 130 MPs, 101 were in favor of removing the president from power.

Until today, the country’s vice president, Dina Boluarte, who was quick to denounce Pedro Castillo for a “coup d’état” after the speech, he was summoned to Congress to assume the duties of acting president.

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Earlier, the Peruvian media reported – citing the police – that Pedro Castillo was taken into custody. In a video that saw the light of day, can be seen sitting expressionless in a courtroom, guarded by men of the security forces.

Six investigations are pending against Castillo, who assumed the presidency of Peru in July 2021, in various corruption cases, in which his associates and members of his family are accused.

In his address to the nation, Pedro Castillo had called for the dissolution of Congress and the formation of an emergency government aimed at “the restoration of the rule of law and democracy”. He assured that he wanted a new Congress to be formed as soon as possible which would undertake the process of establishing a new Constitution in a period that would not exceed nine months. Until then, he said, the country’s governance would continue by “legislative decrees.” Alongside, had announced a curfew between 22:00 and 04:00 throughout the territory of Peru.

The Latin American country has been experiencing successive political crises in recent years, with the main feature being the conflict between the executive and legislative powers.

Source: News Beast

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