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“Political” motive states the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia for the attempted assassination of the country's prime minister

The alleged 71-year-old writer's alleged assailant's motivations for the assassination attempt against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Kaliniak are said to be political. “I think I can confirm that, yes,” Interior Minister Matus Sutai Estok told reporters when asked about the identity of the alleged attacker, who according to press reports is one of the founders of the Dúha (Rainbow) literary club. ) in the town of Levice. Publications in the Slovak press state that the writer has published three collections of poetry in particular and is a member of the Slovak Writers' Union. The body confirmed via Facebook that he has been a member of the association since 2015, adding that if he is confirmed to be the perpetrator of the attack “the membership of this despicable person will be revoked immediately”. The suspect's son told news website aktuality.sk that his father legally owned a gun and had a firearms permit. Asked about his father's feelings towards Mr. Fitzo, he replied “I can tell you one thing: […]
Source: News Beast

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