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Political storm over surveillance: The intervention of justice, the Dimitriadis lawsuits and the commission of inquiry

Rapid developments are caused by the issue of monitoring after the sudden resignation of Grigoris Dimitriadis, the removal of Panagiotis Kontoleontas, the intervention of the Supreme Court and the establishment of a commission of inquiry. The government reiterates that the Greek security authorities do not possess and do not use malicious software, a fact that, as government officials point out, will be proven both in parliament and in court.

However, in Maximou they do not hide their strong discomfort with the actions of the former head of the EYP who monitored the mobile phone of Nikos Androulakis with a legal connection for three months, having a prosecutor’s license, but without informing the Prime Minister as he should have as the issue concerned a political leader party and the handling in this case would be different.

According to information, Kyriakos Mitsotakis was informed on Thursday about this fact and immediately requested the resignation of Panagiotis Kontoleons, which was however made public on Friday in order to appoint his replacement. At the same time, Maximos reiterates that the illegal software “Predator” was not used to monitor the cell phone of the president of PASOK, for which Nikos Androulakis appealed to justice.

Missed calls

The Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis tried several times to contact Nikos Androulakis in order to inform him, but his efforts were unsuccessful. The President of PASOK did not pick up the phone as in Harilaou Trikoupi they claim that Messrs. Gerapetritis and Kontoleon did not tell the truth at the recent meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee. The government representative invited Nikos Androulakis to appear this time at the institutional body, the parliament, in order to get answers to all the matters related to the legal connection that concerns him. “Answers that will leave no room for arbitrary conclusions and conspiracies,” he said.

The government picked up the gauntlet thrown at it by the President of PASOK and agreed to the establishment of the commission of inquiry on the condition that all the necessary confidentiality procedures will be observed. At the same time, the president of the Supreme Court, Isidoros Dogiakos, will personally conduct the criminal preliminary investigation in order to establish how the material of the surveillance allegedly carried out on the phone of both Mr. Androulakis and the journalist Thanasis Koukakis was leaked outside the EYP.

No relationship between Dimitriadis and “Predator”

Government sources describe Grigoris Dimitriadis’ move to resign from the position of General Secretary to the Prime Minister as a “bold act of political integrity”. Despite the fact that he was informed – just like Kyriakos Mitsotakis – on Thursday about the wrong handling in the legal connection of the head of the EYP, he decided without a second thought to leave Maximos.

After all, in the six years he has been next to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he has received harsh attacks from the opposition with the aim of hurting the prime minister. At the same time, government sources emphasize that the resignation of Grigoris Dimitriadis has nothing to do with “Predator”, since neither he nor the Government have anything to do with it, as has been categorically stated. At the same time, the former Secretary General went on the counterattack and filed lawsuits against those who tried to link him to the illegal surveillance and the malware in question.

Source: TheTOC.gr

Source: Capital

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