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Politicians mourn the death of presenter Jô Soares; read tributes

Brazil woke up this Friday (5) with the news that comedian, writer and presenter Jô Soares died at the age of 84, in São Paulo.

According to the press office, he was hospitalized at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo. The cause of death was not disclosed.

The burial and wake of will be reserved for family and friends. Through social networks, celebrities, friends and admirers mourned his death.

Politicians and other officials passed on the news. See some of the honors below.

Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, President of Portugal

“His sketches became famous, some expressions even entered the current language, made us laugh and think for years, a big thank you to Jô Soares, who left the scene today, but not from our hearts, nor from our memories.”

“To his family and friends, the President of the Republic offers his sincere condolences.”

Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate

Simone Tebet, presidential candidate

André Janones, former presidential candidate

Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF

Geraldo Alckmin, candidate for Vice-President

Sergio Moro, former Minister of Justice

Randolfe Rodrigues, Senator

Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro

Marcelo Freixo, federal deputy

Rodrigo Garcia, governor of São Paulo

Ronaldo Caiado, governor of Goiás

Cláudio Castro, governor of Rio de Janeiro

Renato Casagrande, governor of Espírito Santo

Junior Mouse, Governor of Paraná

Helder Barbalho, governor of Pará

Eduardo Leite, former governor of Rio Grande do Sul

João Doria, former governor of São Paulo

Márcio França, former governor of São Paulo

Camilo Santana, former governor of Ceará

ACM Neto, former mayor of Salvador

Jean Wyllys, former federal deputy

José Sarto, mayor of Fortaleza

Remember in images moments of the life and career of Jô Soares

Source: CNN Brasil

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