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Politician's son has no money for a lawyer and is at risk of prison – “To take responsibility”

The son of a well-known politician is at risk of going to prison, because he faces 14 charges and is unable to hire a lawyer, as he has no money and his mother does not want to cover the costs, even though she can afford it. 18-year-old Tyler Boebert, son of Lauren Boebert who is a member of the US Congress, was arrested by the Rifle Police Department in February for vehicle theft, purse theft and document forgery. He faced 24 charges, eight of which were later dropped, and victims have identified him and he has since been remanded in custody, Business Insider reported. “I'm trying to get a lawyer, but it's hard because everybody's asking for a lot of money,” he told the Garfield County courthouse, adding that “at worst, if I can't find one, I'll apply for a public defender or whatever is best for me”. “I think you need to carefully consider your options,” Judge John Neiley said and set the next hearing for May 9. His mother in statements […]
Source: News Beast

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