Politicizing the fight against the pandemic may be the main challenge for 2022, says researcher

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Researchers at the Covid-19 Observatory released a bulletin, this Thursday (23), on the challenges of fighting the pandemic for 2022.

In the document, scientists list three main points of concern. The lack of information due to instability in the platforms of Health brings “exponential inaccuracies” in decision-making for managing the health crisis, says the bulletin.

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The researchers also cite the emergence of new variants that could lead the country to “unexpected and undesirable scenarios”, and fear that the scenario at the end of last year, when the Gamma variant emerged, will repeat itself.

The bulletin also shows concern with the “politicization process of measures to fight the pandemic”, which leads to “the creation of a climate of discredit and distrust in relation to vaccines”.

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In an interview with CNN, the researcher at the Covid-19 Observatory at Fiocruz, Margareth Portela, stated that the politicization of measures to combat the pandemic recommended by science could be the main challenge for the coming year.

“At this moment, we are living through this regrettable discussion regarding the vaccination of children, which is essential to reduce the circulation of the virus”, he said.

Watch the video of the full interview with CNN Novo Dia at the top of the page.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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