Poll: 90% of Institutions Intend to Invest in Cryptocurrencies by 2026

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According to a survey by Fidelity Digital Assets, 90% of institutional investors plan to invest in cryptocurrencies by 2026.

Researchers at Fidelity Digital Assets surveyed 1,100 financial institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia. Asian companies have shown the highest interest in cryptocurrencies. The attitude of investors from Europe and the United States to digital assets is also becoming more loyal, despite the market collapse in May due to pressure from Chinese regulators.

It turned out that the number of funds and asset managers holding cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed. Fidelity analysts believe that their number will only increase in the future. According to the survey, 70% of institutions intend to invest in digital assets in the near future, with more than 90% of those surveyed planning to do so by 2026.

These optimistic conclusions are due to the fact that, due to the economic crisis, more and more asset management firms are considering cryptocurrencies as tools to expand their investment portfolio, explained Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets.

“Tax and monetary policies and other responses to the pandemic have pushed many institutional investors towards cryptocurrencies. They start to work out an investment plan and make it a reality, ”Jessop said.

A few months ago, he stated that the adoption of bitcoin among traditional financial companies has reached a “tipping point” and will be happening at an accelerated pace in the coming years. According to Fidelity, financial institutions began to enter the cryptocurrency market back in 2019 – at that time, 22% of them had already invested in digital assets.

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