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Poll: hit by Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla is most voted so far

Every year, artists from different musical genres try to release hits to become the Carnival hit. A CNN launched a poll to find out which song will occupy this space in 2024.

Among all those nominated for voting, “Macetando”, by Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla, is the most voted song so far, with 57% of the votes.

In second place is the song “Perna Bamba”, by Léo Santana and Parangolé, with 25% of the votes.

Besides them, no other exceeded 10% of votes. In third place, for example, is “Poc Poc”, by Pedro Sampaio, with just 5%.

All others had between 1% and 3% of the votes.

The following were also in the poll:

  • “Cavalho (remix)” – Pedro Sampaio and Gasparzinho;
  • “Descontrolada” – Xanddy Harmonia and Léo Santana;
  • “Flow Day” – Ana Castela and Ludmilla;
  • “Joga Pra Lua” – Pedro Sampaio, Anitta and Dennis DJ;
  • “Ask for cashews and I’ll give them… Cashews and I’ll give them!” – Independent Youth of Father Miguel;
  • “Pede Pra Eu Ficar” – Pabllo Vittar; It is
  • “Vai Viver” – Mari Fernandez.

Continue voting in the CNN poll to indicate what the hit song for Carnival 2024 should be.

Source: CNN Brasil

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