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Poll: Putin the most popular foreign politician in Serbia – Only 34% of Serbs want EU membership

Russian President Vladimir Putin remains Serbia’s most popular foreign political leader.

45% of citizens in Serbia expressed a positive view of Vladimir Putin in a poll conducted by the company “Demostat” in mid-June. Victor Orban also won the sympathy of Serbian citizens with 37% of the sample expressing a positive view of the Hungarian Prime Minister, followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping (12%) and French President Emanuel Macron (11%).

For the war in Ukraine, 54% believe that NATO is solely responsible, while only 7% of citizens believe that Russia is responsible. The poll also found that 80 percent of citizens oppose imposing sanctions on Russia. 53% do not want Belgrade to align its foreign policy with Brussels’ policy, while 43% believe that, if pressure is exerted, Serbia should refuse to join the European Union. The poll also showed that there is a rapid rise in Eurosceptics. If a referendum were held tomorrow, 34% would vote in favor of EU membership while 51% would vote against. In a similar poll conducted in early May, the percentage of supporters of EU membership was 45%.

The emDemostat΄΄ ​​poll was conducted from 13 to 22 June with the participation of 1,203 citizens.

Source: Capital

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