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Poll: who is your favorite character from “Renascer”? Vote

More than 30 years after the original version was released, “Reborn” received a remake, adapted by Bruno Luperi grandson of the author Benedito Ruy Barbosa .

In the plot, José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) stars in the story, being the largest cocoa producer in the Ilhéus region, in Bahia.

Father of Jose Augusto (Renan Monteiro), José Bento (Marcello Melo Jr.), José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) and João Pedro (Juan Paiva), he is married to Mariana (Theresa Fonseca), with whom his youngest son had fallen in love before him.

In the cast of the soap opera, there are still other characters that stand out, being the most talked about on social media, such as Buba (Gabriela Medeiros), Tião Galinha (Irhandir Santos), Eliana (Sophie Charlotte), Damian (Shaman), among others.

Among the main names, CNN wants to know:

Who is your favorite character from the “Renascer” remake?

Vote in the poll below!

Who is your favorite character from “Renascer”?

TV Globo's 9pm soap opera is a remake of the story written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and adapted by Bruno Luperi

  • Buba
  • Damian
  • Egidio
  • Eliana
  • Inácia
  • João Pedro
  • Jose Augusto
  • José Bento
  • José Inocêncio
  • José Venâncio
  • Mariana
  • Brunette
  • Holy Father
  • Pastor Livio
  • Tião Galinha
  • Zinha

Source: CNN Brasil

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