Home Entertainment Pollería offers summer course for “idle children” and becomes a success

Pollería offers summer course for “idle children” and becomes a success

Pollería offers summer course for “idle children” and becomes a success

Summer vacations are about to end, but we cannot end them without talking about one of the most creative summer courses in recent years, those extracurricular activities that caught the attention of more than one parent in the always magical Mexico City ( Mexico City).

In order to prevent teenagers from being idle during the holidays, Tere Pollería shared, through a video on TikTok, the peculiar invitation to a summer course to learn the noble trade of poultry.

The course was announced on July 27 through Facebook, a social network where the establishment, located in the Agrícola Oriental market in Mexico City, shared that among the activities to be carried out during their workshop they would learn the basic cuts, skinning , marinated, American cut, milanese, boneless breast and legs, as well as butterfly breast and chicken for roasting.

The amusing invitation that this business made to parents did not take long to go viral, since its title “If you do not want your child to be idle this vacation, send him to us! Here you will learn the noble trade of poultry farming” was what most caught the attention of the users of the social network.


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As a joke, this innovative summer course promised that young people would develop good customer service, since after the workshop, they would know how to apply phrases such as: “What are you going to wear, boss?”, “Thank you, man!” and “How do I make her patron chicken?”.

The fun summer course that promised that the material and the nickname were at your own expense also ensured psychological therapy to increase the self-esteem of the boys and that the bullying from school doesn’t affect them as much.

With everything written in the Facebook post, it was clear that the course was a joke, since they used it as an advertising strategy so that people would go to Tere’s Pollería to buy. People could not ignore this joke and not only reacted and shared it until it went viral, but also followed the joke in the comments, where some users concluded that the course would be a very good idea.

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