Pollution worsens and New Delhi announces closing of schools and buildings

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After announcing the worsening of air pollution in New Delhi, the chief minister of the Indian capital, Arvind Kejriwal, announced this Saturday (13) that schools in New Delhi will be closed for a week and construction for four days, while the city tries to protect people during an ever-worsening pollution crisis.

Kejriwal said discussions were also underway for a complete lockdown of the capital, but any decision to do so would only be taken after consultation with the central government.

Earlier, the court had asked the government to make an emergency plan to deal with the dangerous pollution, characterizing the situation as “very serious”.

New Delhi’s air quality, generally among the most polluted capitals in the world, has declined due to crop straw burning, transport emissions, coal-fired factories outside the city and other industries, as well as open-air garbage burning. and dust.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in and around the city has deteriorated to 470-499, on a scale of 500, according to data from a federal pollution control committee. The level of pollution shows how much the air will affect people’s health and will have a serious impact on those who are sick.

“For a week, starting on Monday, schools will be physically closed, but classes will continue virtually so that children don’t have to breathe polluted air. Construction activities will not be allowed,” said Kejriwal.

He added that all government agencies will switch to remote work, and private offices will be advised to do the same for a week to reduce the number of polluting vehicles on the streets.

“We are being forced to wear masks at home too. The situation is very serious”, said the President of the Supreme Court of India, NV Ramana, the main legal authority of the body.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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