Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nilewal Lost Cardano Controversy To Donate $ 20K

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Polygon co-founder Sandeep Niallval bet $ 20,000 on Cardano not launching smart contracts on time, and he lost.

Cardano chief ideologue Charles Hoskinsson reminded To the co-founder of the Polygon on-chain protocol, Sandeep Niallval, that he promised to donate $ 20,000 to the Cardano fund if the project launches the Alonzo fork with support for smart contracts by October 1.

How it was

In mid-July, Niallval posted a post on his Twitter page, in which he wrote that Cardano “once again” would not be able to keep within the framework of the deployment of smart contracts and put $ 20,000 on it.

The statement by the co-founder of Polygon drew criticism from some members of the cryptocurrency community. Users felt that they did not correspond to his status and simply are “Childish joke”.

However, Cardano rolled out the coveted update on time. On Monday, September 13th, the Alonzo hard fork took place on the Cardano network. He activated the functionality of smart contracts. Cardano noted that the project is still in its early stages, and the launch of the new version marked the beginning of a new era for the entire ecosystem. Whether Niallwal paid the promised $ 20,000 to the Cardano crypto community remains unknown.

In addition to Niallval, the Polymarket project also participated in the dispute, which bet for $ 50,000 and has already transferred the entire disputed amount to the Cardano wallet. As a confirmation, the project published a screen with the transaction on its Twitter account.

Cardano and the passion for smart contracts

Smart contracts in Cardano are based on the Plutus programming language with Haskell elements. Prior to that, the project managed to deploy a test network with support for smart contracts in May this year.

A week before the launch, rumors circulated on the network about the technical inability of Cardano to support smart contracts. Later it turned out that the source of the rumors was the unsuccessful launch of the Minswap project on the Cardano testnet.

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