Pomellato for Women: if Jameela Jamil interviews Jane Fonda

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Jameela Jamil intervista Jane Fonda. A dream for the young actress, realized thanks to Pomellato which, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, left the two protagonists carte blanche to touch the chords of complex and delicate issues such as gender inequality, climate emergency, activism, white supremacy.

An intense and at times intimate conversation, the heart of the annual video Pomellato for Women (above a short excerpt), where the generation gap is filled by a commonality of ideas, values, fixed points. First among all, the importance of pink cohesion, of that fundamental female union to fight, not to succumb and to nourish hope for a better future. Without being ashamed or intimidated by wounds and scars.

It is no coincidence that Jane Fonda compares the brilliant gold fracture in the gem of her ring Kintsugi (which she wears in the video) with the ability to heal and become stronger. The concept of resilience and the idea of ​​giving new life to something that could have been discarded because it was considered “broken” becomes a metaphor for women’s perseverance and emphasizes the power behind one’s scars. Inviting to show them with pride.

The video of Pomellato For Women will be broadcast on the occasion of International Women’s Day, while Jameela Jamil’s full interview with Jane Fonda will be podcast in the series of Kering Women In Motion. Program conceived by Kering in 2015, Women In Motion highlights with its debates and awards the creativity and uniqueness of talented women whose activity in the fields of art and culture is helping to change our view of the world. Jane Fonda was the first recipient of the Women In Motion award. In 2019 Kering launched the Women In Motion podcast as an integral part of the platform with the aim of celebrating and amplifying the voice of women and promoting gender equality in all fields of culture.

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