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Poncho de Nigris wanted to humiliate Wendy Guevara for her physique and ended up nominated!

After several days of waiting, finally, on June 4, the premiere of The House of the Famous Mexicoa reality show where several celebrities will remain locked in a house with cameras and microphones 24 hours a day.

From its premiere, viewers and users did not hesitate to viralize some of the moments. Such is the case of the entrance of the youtuber Wendy Guevara, from “Las Perdidas”, and Poncho de Nigris, who did not miss the opportunity to make an unfortunate comment about the appearance of the influencersso the public considered that he did it with the intention of humiliating her.

Wendy Guevara comparison with nigris poncho

It all started when Galilea Montijo welcomed Wendy and Poncho. While the presenter gave her a choice if she would sleep in the same bed as her influencer, the actor pointed out that he was not his type, because “his face was bigger than him”, to which Wendy responded in a double meaning, saying that other parts of his body were also bigger than his.

Given this, users and fans After “the loss” they began to react on social networks, mentioning that with that response, Wendy “finished” Poncho and that having wanted to humiliate her, he was the one humiliated.

In addition, users expressed their desire that Poncho leave the house soon, since they consider his attitude arrogant and arrogant, although he justifies himself that “it is just a way of joking” with Wendy.

On the other hand, it should be noted that even when the program has not even reached its 24-hour start date, everything seems to indicate that the influencers is outlined to be one of the finalists, or the winner, because with its characteristic authenticity it has caught the attention of viewers.

Wendy Guevara profile in photo session

Due to the unfortunate comment of the businessman, Poncho has become a trend by being the first nominee to leave the house by public decision and most Internet users reacted on Twitter. Below we leave you the reactions that most caught our attention.

1. Everyone rooting for Wendy

2. “Not with our Wendy!”

3. Wendy: “After all, I didn’t even want to!”

Public reaction with Wendy Guevara meme

4. Perhaps Nuevo León is the only one who is not happy

reaction to Poncho's nomination

5. Wendy is the favorite to win

reaction of users supporting wendy guevara

6. Even “promises” are making their fans

support reaction to Wendy Guevara

7. Her naturalness is charming, don’t you think?

8. Everything seems to indicate yes

reaction in support of Wendy Guevara

9. Poncho, quiet you look prettier

10. For “joker”

Source: Okchicas

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