Pontoliak: Talks with Russia are tough, but they continue

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Asked about earlier statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin that peace talks between the two countries were at an impasse, Ukrainian President Mikhail Pontolyak said the talks were “very tough but ongoing”.

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Pontoliak told Reuters that Russia was trying to put pressure on the talks by making public statements and that negotiations were continuing at the working group level.

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“The talks are going very hard. It is understandable that the emotional burden in the negotiation process today is heavy. It is understandable that the Ukrainian delegation is working exclusively in the context of Ukrainian positions and transparency. It is also understandable that the Russian side is implementing its own traditional “to exert public pressure on the negotiation process, making, among other things, specific public statements,” Pontoliak stressed.

Sources: Reuters, AFP, Ukrinfrom

Source: Capital

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