Pope Francis got vaccinated


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Pope Francis, who is 84, has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to two journalists, close to the sovereign pontiff, the injection of the vaccine took place on Wednesday January 13 at the entrance to the Paul VI courtroom in Vatican City. Asked, the Holy See did not confirm the information. Its spokesperson, Matteo Bruni, on the other hand, announced the start of the vaccination campaign for some 5,000 inhabitants and Vatican employees.

In a televised interview broadcast on Sunday evening, François had indicated to have himself “made an appointment” to do so, qualifying the opposition to the vaccine as “suicidal denial” and highlighting “an ethical choice” essential to protect life others. His vaccination will be a relief for those around the Pope, who are reluctant to don a mask and to stay away from the faithful and visitors.

The Pope’s doctor died of coronavirus

His personal doctor for five years, Fabrizio Soccorsi, died Saturday at the age of 78 as a result of “complications from Covid-19” while he was “hospitalized for a cancerous pathology”. Several prelates around the pope have contracted the virus in recent months.

The leader of the 1.3 billion Catholics is considered a person at risk. At the age of 21, in 1957, Jorge Bergoglio suffered from acute pleurisy and surgeons had to partially remove his right lung.

While Pope Francis does not seem worried about his own health, he is concerned about the inevitable gatherings when he appears in public. In early December, he announced that he would go to Iraq from March 5 to 8, the first trip abroad since the start of the pandemic, in a complicated security and health context.

Pope Benedict XVI soon to be vaccinated?

On Sunday, he recalled that he had to cancel travel plans in 2020, such as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. “In conscience, I cannot provoke gatherings,” he commented, adding: “I don’t know if the next trip to Iraq will be made. ”

German Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI should also be vaccinated as soon as possible, as should his entourage living next to him in a small monastery in Vatican City, his private secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, said on Tuesday in an interview with the Catholic press.

In recent months, Benedict XVI, 93, has appeared more and more fragile, using a wheelchair and speaking with difficulty.


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