Pope Francis: I’m still alive, even if some people wanted me dead

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In an interview with the Italian Catholic magazine Civiltà Cattolica, published by the Jesuit order, Pope Francis, during his recent visit to Slovakia.

According to a pre-publication of the newspaper La Stampa, cited by APE BPE, Frangiskos, in this interview stressed: “I still am live, even if some people wanted me dead». This statement, however, according to the newspaper, was made in a kind of joke.

However, the pope added: “I know that there were meetings of high-ranking clergymen who thought that the pope was worse than he had become known. They were preparing the next conclave.

What can we do, with God’s help, I’m fine. “

Francisco’s report relates to colon surgery, which he underwent in the Italian capital last July, due to diversions.

At the same time, the Argentine pope referred to “a large universal television which constantly comments on him”, saying that “the Church does not deserve such a thing“, Because” it is the work of the devil “.

“There are also clergy who comment on me negatively. Sometimes I lose my patience, especially when they judge “without engaging in a real dialogue,” Francis added.

“I however, I pull forward without dealing with their ideas, which belong to the dimension of imagination. “I do not want to deal with all this and – for this reason – I prefer to preach the word of God”, stressed, finally, Pope Francis.

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