Pope on Cyprus: ‘There is no alternative to dialogue’ – Tatar invited to visit pseudo-state

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Pope Francis pays a historic visit to Cyprus. This is the second time that a Primate of the Roman Catholic Church has visited the country.

The Pope arrived in Cyprus at 3 in the afternoon and was received by the Speaker of Parliament and members of the Council of Ministers. This was followed by his official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace, where he was awarded the honors of Head of State.

At joint statements With the Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis, Pope Francis made special references to the important cultural wealth of the island, describing it as “a precious pearl”, which becomes what it is thanks to the passage of time.

He stressed that “the beauty of this land stems from the cultures that have intersected and mingled over the centuries. Even today, the light of Cyprus has many facets.”

He also made special references to the modern challenges facing the island “, among which the pandemic and immigrant.

As the Pope said: “I came as a pilgrim to an open gate and a crossroads that unites. I want you to carry the message of the gospel from here to Europe.”

“I ponder the inner pain of those who cannot return to their homes,” he said Cyprus the Pope, stressing the need for dialogue. “There is no alternative to dialogue”, argued the Pope and stressed the need to think about future generations.

For his part N. Anastasiadis stressed that “your presence in the Republic of Cyprus is a supreme honor”. Referring to the multicultural environment of Cyprus, he noted that his presence sends messages of courage and optimism. He also referred to the multilateral diplomatic work of the Holy See, which consolidated the important role it plays. He also pointed out that he is rightly described as “the Pope of the poor”, through a vision that aims to eliminate the violation of human rights. He assured that “we share the same vision for Cyprus”. He made special reference to climate change, while expressing gratitude for the symbolic initiative to relocate 50 migrants to Italy. He stressed that the transfer sends a message of equal burden sharing within the EU.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, he stressed that despite the efforts of the international community, Turkey is showing intransigence and aggression, in violation of International Maritime Law in the EEZ and Varos, while claiming that we are witnessing the militarization of the occupied territories. “We can not allow the arrogance of the strong,” the Cypriot President stressed.

Tatar invitation to the Pope to visit the pseudo-state

Ersin Tatar addressed an invitation to Pope Francis, who is visiting Cyprus, to visit the pseudo-state, saying that there are “two peoples” in Cyprus, not only the Christian Greek Cypriots, but also the Muslim Turkish Cypriots.

According to reports in the occupied territories, in a written statement, the Turkish leader states that he invites him as President of the Vatican State and spiritual leader of the Catholic world internationally.

His expectation, says Mr. Tatar, is for Pope Francis to respond positively and to show what he constantly states, that he treats all people equally.

In his written statement, Mr. Tatar claims that the “Greek Cypriot administration” – as it calls the government of the Republic – is trying to take political advantage of the Pope’s three-day visit against Turkey and the pseudo-state. “This is a new proof that the Greek Cypriot administration is abusing religious beliefs and that is very sad.”

“We respect all religions, beliefs, the clergy and Pope Francis, and it is another source of sorrow that Pope Francis will only visit southern Cyprus,” added Ersin Tatar, reiterating that “there are two different peoples in Cyprus and “Not only Christian Greek Cypriots live in Cyprus, but also Turkish Cypriot Muslims. This is one of the fundamental realities of Cyprus”.

He recalled that Pope Francis had visited Turkey in 2014 at the invitation of Tayyip Erdogan, had gone to Anίτtkapir (Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara) and at the meeting with the Turkish President had stated that he should people on the basis of equality ‘.

As Pope Francis stressed at the time, Mr. Tatar continued, all people and nations, regardless of their religious beliefs, must be treated equally, not excluded, not discriminated against. “This is our belief and hope. The Turkish people should not be subject to exclusion and discrimination because they believe in Islam and are Muslims.”

Commenting on Tatar’s written statement to the MKD, RTK President Tufan Erhiurman wrote ironically that “the invitation that Pope Francis anxiously awaited from Mr. Tatar finally came, even at the last minute. Mr. Tatar called the Pope “since he came here to pass us by. The subtlety of diplomacy!”

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Source From: Capital

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