Popular University of Milan, the first course that you pay for by doing good

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The first university course that is paid for with solidarity. The Popular University of Milan offers a free course “Communication with Charisma”, held by Professor Golia Pezzulla, asking only an “ethical contribution”. In other words, those enrolled (there are 60 places) will not have to pay the University, but pay a sum – even symbolic – to a charity of their choice, or spend some of their time in Volunteering.

This is the first course offered free of charge, but the Popular University of Milan is already thinking of continuing the project with other courses as well. «Our University strongly believes in a new social model, unprecedented and innovative ”, explains the president Marco Grappeggia.

“Our University was born in 1901 with the aim of spreading culture among all social classes, even among those who, due to economic problems, did not have easy access,” he adds. “Today, as then, there are several people who struggle to pay for a high-level training course. Especially now, following the pandemic, the balance in the world of work has changed enormously. So we decided to make our contribution to society by offering this course with double value: training and education of a social model supportive”.

The course held by Professor Pezzulla, professor of Communication subjects in the relevant faculties of the Sociological and Psychological Sciences, was designed to convey to students the useful notions to increase one’s authority, credibility and presence, to influence, persuade and inspire others. . “In the professional world, communication plays a crucial role”, explains Pezzulla. “Exceptional ideas, alone, unfortunately they do not convince anyone if they are not communicated effectively. The ability to present them in a clear, authentic and confident way makes a huge difference in one’s professional life as well as in one’s private life ”.

The course is divided into three modules: secret body language, charisma psychology and effective communication, for a total of 12 hours of lessons, one per week. And it is held online, through the Zoom platform. “We wanted to encourage a sense of reciprocity. The lockdown has kept us apart and our social interactions have also been affected. It is nice that each of us returns to feel part of a whole. Receiving and giving for free is simply a way to release positive energy. It is not necessary to certify the payment, since it is a personal choice and the University has complete trust in its community ».

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